Roscoshnaya osen' v Posade, 2012

Roscoshnaya osen' v Posade, 2011 (eng)

The International Cat Show "Glamour" 2012

Trip to the World Cat Show in Saint Petersburg, "Kotofey"

Sodruzhestvo 2012

Burmese travel to the edge of Russia

Waiting for the New Year 2012

Johnny, Bjork and Marley at the Valencia show

Johnny and labradors in the country at Bjork&Marley's


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About Ven'ka

Burmese in the country

Our first kittens

New Year Tree

New Year Cards from TANAKA

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Kingdom of Berendei

New Year Story '09

Travelling to ChashA

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New Year Gusia!


Our First Show

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